Nymphomaniac – series

The assignment started with a slight hint of confusion. “Build a light box, add elements, take pictures and photoshop ‘figurines’ into it, along with a quote.” The actual case was slightly different… The light box had to resemble a small architectural room of which you had to take a picture. The creation of this room […]

Join the journey.

Hello dearest reader, So here I am… trying to figure out how to put a real blog out in the open. Or perhaps better said: out on the internet. The main idea is to post a weekly item, going from live updates of my interior design adventures towards tips’n tricks in the graphic industry or […]

Shape, Ergonomics and Standards

Within this excercise it has been important to analyse the given shape contrasts in volume, planes and lines; research the proportions of objects towards each other; research of materials: transparant, translucent,… ; research the ergonomic trait of a working space, bar and cloakroom The finished design and mock-up has to present an ergonomic piece of […]